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Comments clients have said to describe their sessions

“Felt like I was having surgery in my stomach area.”

“Had and itching feeling under my skin in the shoulder area.”

“I felt so calm and at peace during my session.”

“There was like a flash of white light that left my chest area and afterwards I felt so cleansed.”

“I had a couple mouth ulcers before, now they are gone”

“Good Morning,  beautiful Goddess of Love ? and golden Light ?.
Words fail me to express my gratitude towards you and the team of Healers who did such amazing surgery on my abdomen yesterday.
I am totally in awe and filled with endless gratitude for having been allowed to be healed by all those skilled Spiritual Doctors John of God is being surrounded with. Blessed be.
I was in excruciating pain with my left hip after the surgery,  that I could hardly walk. Spirit told me that the pain would only be temporarily as the Doctors had put too much weight on my left hip when they operated on my abdomen since they needed to concentrate during that rather intense surgery.  I felt the healing on my left hip taking place during the night.
This morning I am able to put my foot back on the ground and the pain has diminished considerably.
? Blessings and Love to you and Pete. I bless the day that I set foot into your magic shop and when I met the two of you”